dancer / choreographer


I call myself a creative, an inspired traveler, a movement addict and, oh yes, sometimes I dance! I started my journey watching Michael Jackson’s live performances on my computer at early 13 and trying to do the same steps, in my room first and then in a studio; from there I found my escape through dance. At 17 I started teaching my first classes in my hometown, trying to teach and learn at the same time the most I could, until I decided to move to LA, that has been a turning point for my career and growth…

Today I feel blessed for the great experiences I’ve had so far and I feel excited to learn more and to practice even harder. My dream for the future is to inspire and be inspired by the people that surround me. I want to live my life “on the beat” and be always focused.



Including film, television, commercials, music videos and live shows


1st place at the Fiera del Fitness and 2nd place at Salerno Danza, as well as choreographer and performer for Choreo Masters



London - Italy - Spain - Tokyo - Los Angeles - Australian Tour 2013 


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